Cuppa Char and Joe landing page

Project goals

A fictitious new business owner is getting ready to open a coffee shop and needs a single web landing page that attracts as many customers to its grand opening and forms a long-term relationship with potential customers.

My process

To start with, I recreated the existing website, importing the

Cuppa Char and Joe Landing Page – Azhiya Limited

Researched and selected a layout example to draw inspiration from. Planned the UX (user experience) and page content to meet project goals and key user actions. Created a wireframe for the landing page with the target audience in mind. Designed the foundation of the landing page with client and colleague feedback built-in at different stages of the design. Upon final agreement, polished and packaged the design files to hand over to the client.

Project outcome

The final product produced was a landing page that announces the date and location of the grand opening. Generates lots of buzz for the grand opening. Introduces customers to the coffee shop and its products. Encourages customers to sign up for the email list.

Project images

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