Projects I have consulted on

My career history

Oct 2020 – Sep 2021 (Contract), Eleanor Hospital Logistics: Project Manager

  • Converted contract requirements into actionable product deliverables, prioritising and managing the entire development process
  • Managed the implementation of the contract, systems (logistics, IM, and WMS), and processes across 13 hospitals and one warehouse for the supply of pharmacy fluids
  • Provided independent advice on customer systems & processes for the ordering, receipting, tracking, rotation, and expiry management of pharmacy fluids
  • Worked with agile and traditional project management methodologies
  • Collaborated with development, finance, quality assurance and customer service to ensure the right problems are resolved bringing value to the customer

Jan 2020 – Mar 2020 (Contract), 3XE: Project Manager

  • Provided strategic project management advice for the planning, development and marketing of the Planning Parrot web app

Nov 2019 – Mar 2020 (Contract), Uxbridge FM: WordPress Implementor

  • Implemented a WordPress theme to showcase the podcast videos for a local podcast station

Nov 2019 – Feb 2020 (Contract), Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Project Manager

  • Assessed the viability of the existing plan to upgrade the client’s financial management system (eFinancials)
  • Produced an options assessment and recommendation for bringing the project back on schedule
  • Managed the implementation of the remainder of the project, prioritising tasks to ensure the needs of the client were met and delivered immediate value
  • Collaborated with client (Board, IT, Finance, Procurement) and third party teams (Development), balancing the needs of the client and limitations defined by stakeholders and third party systems
  • Managed testing to detect and fix issues, made any necessary system and process improvements, and provided detailed feedback to the third party development team

Oct 2018 – Dec 2018 (Contract), Impact Media: Digital Project Manager

  • Gained experience managing the delivery of WordPress websites for a WordPress agency using SCRUM

Sep 2017 – Sep 2018 Career Break and Study

  • Designed and built websites from scratch using HTML and CSS, Github
  • Designed and developed personal and corporate brand style for others to follow, Behance
  • Learned the best practices of professional WordPress development and deployment
  • Edited and updated existing websites and dynamic web applications using child themes, Github
  • Learned to make client sites editable via WP-admin by using advanced custom fields and custom post types, Github

Oct 2016 – Aug 2017 (Contract), Hackney Council: HR Project Manager

  • Managed the implementation of a new Staffing Resource Supply Chain contract and system
  • Identified the needs of HR team and collaborated with IT, HR, Finance, Procurement and Directorate Leads to provide an end-to-end solution from procurement to invoice payment
  • High-level operational management, decommission, and transfer of the Agency & Temporary Staff Supply contract, services, systems, processes, and suppliers
  • Ensured that any changes to the system brought value to the customer and met the customer acceptance criteria 
  • Managed other HR Contracts

May 2016 – Aug 2016 (Contract), Limited: Senior Project Manager

  • Managed the implementation of the client’s P2P systems: eCat (catalogue/contract), eConnect (purchasing), eControl (procurement) and hTrack (IM)
  • Conducted onsite requirements gathering workshops with customers
  • Produced a roadmap for delivery, prioritising customer requirements that solve the key highlighted issues

Jan 2016 – Mar 2016 (Contract), Poole NHS Foundation Trust: eProcurement Consultant

  • Reviewed requirements and mapped out GS1 compliant IM and P2P processes across procurement and internal logistics/operational functions of the organisation
  • Produced a roadmap for implementation of staged Department of Health GS1 use-cases, taking a holistic view of the organisation
  • Liaised with internal and external stakeholders such as Clinical Risk Management, Facilities Management and Department of Health to analyse possible impacts and future proof secondary GS1 ‘use cases’

Sep 2014 – Apr 2015 (Contract), DHL Supply Chain: eProcurement Project Manager

  • Managed the decommission and replacement of the client’s IM and MM system (Medtrac)
  • Implemented an integrated solution (ERP eFinancials Stock module) for IM and Consumption Management to support Patient/Procedure Level Costing and Clinical Bill of Materials
  • Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, requirements analysis, implementation, execution, control, and completion of the project
  • Collaborated with the outgoing and incoming third party vendor to ensure successful transfer of processes
  • Formed a board and working group with key stakeholders, outgoing and incoming third party vendors, and end users to address any key decisions required

Feb 2014 – May 2014 (Contract), Eleanor Hospital Logistics – Project Manager

  • Managed the setup of an off-site 20,000 square foot warehouse storage facility with supporting IM and WMS technology to enable the receipt, storage, tracking, consolidation, call-off requests, rotation, and expiry management of the supply of goods received by the client
  • Represented client interests, provided independent advice on systems & processes
  • Monitored sub-contractors to ensure effective change and delivery within agreed timescales
  • Delivered Phase I outputs within the time constraints of less than 3 months from contract award resulting in the reduction of deliveries coming to the new customer site

May 2010 – Apr 2013 (Contract), Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust: eProcurement Project Manager

  • Managed the roll-out of CareFusion Pyxis technology (stock/IM); impacting on 5 departments, 500 staff and 2 existing systems (CedAr eFinancials, MedTrac) leading to a 5% reduction in stock inventory waste, estimated saving of £200K
  • Reduced unnecessary orders and waste to 0% by supporting the upgrade of the MedTrac inventory/materials management system across 2 Cardiology departments
  • Reduced Nursing Agency suppliers from 23 to 5 through the introduction of the Nursing Agency Framework
  • Reduced paper orders to 5% by streamlining processes and implementing an e-Procurement solution across 2 NHS hospitals, providing consistency and transparency for classifying transactional data to enable the capture of better management information to support the identification and analysis of spend and potential savings

May 2006 – May 2010 (Contract), Hackney Council: Supply Chain Project Manager

  • Managed the implementation of the e-Procurement Programme (CedAr eProcurement, IDeA:Marketplace, purchase cards, ProContract e-tendering and Basware invoice data capture), streamlining processes and delivering a £350K saving
  • Led on the restructure and centralisation of 5 disparate payment teams
  • Led on the business analysis and managed the implemented the £40M Field-Glass (InSite) P2P Agency Staff management system leading to 86% single point requests and supply
  • Delivered a reduction in debt from £7M to £1.5M on the Agency Staff Supply Contract

Jul 2004 – May 2006 (Permanent), Lambeth Council: Project Officer 

  • Led on the e-Government transformational project implementation across 3 key services: Children’s Frontline Services, Private Sector Housing, and the Homeless Unit
  • Led on the CRM requirements analysis, UAT, training, and documentation for the transfer of Children frontline services into the Joint Service Centre (JSC)
  • Conducted workflow reviews, implemented EDMS, carried out UAT, and conducted research leading to the Risk and Knowledge Management Strategy for the Council

Jun 2004 – Dec 2005 (Contract), Brent Teaching Primary Care Trust: Out of Hours Application Support Officer 

Jan 2004 – Jul 2004 (Contract), Kensington and Chelsea Primary Care Trust: Primary Care Information Facilitator

Jul 2002 – Dec 2003 (Contract), Brent Teaching Primary Care Trust: Systems Supervisor and Learning Resource Coordinator

Mar 2001 – Jun 2002 (Contract), AGB Nielsen Media Research UK: Quality Information Control Analyst and Line Tester

My contributions to the WordPress community

Big Orange Heart Volunteer and Board Member (appointed Sep 2021)

WordCamp Europe 2021 Speaker

WordFest Live Organiser (Sponsors)

Make WordPress Training Team Rep (2021 –

Make WordPress Accessibility Team Member (Documentation) 

WordPress 5.6 Accessibility Cohort

Make WordPress Training Team Member (Learn WordPress)

WordCamp Europe 2019 Volunteer

WordCamp London 2019 Sponsors Organiser

My key skills and tools I have used

Community Management

Project Management, Trello, Mircosoft Project, Slack

HTML, CSS, WordPress, Visual Studio Code

Affinity Suite, Sketch App

CR.Net, CedAr e5, CedAr eFinancials, MedTrac, CareFusion Pyxis, Fieldglass, BasWare, ProContract, IDeA:Marketplace, Hummingbird DM, Onyx OneServe, HOSLO

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Google Workspace

My education

2002 – London South Bank University, MSc Object Oriented Information Systems

2000 – City and Guilds Certificate in Computer Programming

1999 – Oxford Brookes University, 2.2 BSc Computing and Information Systems

1996 – Woldingham School, 3 A-Levels (Computer Studies, Economics, Mathematics) and 9 GCSEs



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