12 Days of Blogmas 2021, Day 11 – Sewing: Why it is my Therapy

Looking at the planned schedule, I realise that I haven’t written a post about sewing. Well, here it is.

Sewing is my Therapy

I find the act of sewing very therapeutic, the act of feeding the fabric through the machine relaxes me. But it isn’t just that, here are 6 reasons why sewing is my therapy.

  1. It is my me-time, I get to be selfish. I find that taking time out for myself helps me avoid burnout. This is very important, we all need that balance in our life.
  2. It allows me to disengage from the digital world. There are so many distractions on our devices (phones, laptops and TV). Sometimes you need to step away from all that white noise and reset your internal batteries.
  3. It helps me be more mindful. I am forced to concentrate on that task alone and go through the steps one-by-one. I’m not trying to juggle 2 or 3 things at the same time, my mind is fully occupied with what I’m doing at that moment.
  4. I get to create something with my own hands that actually fits me. At 5 foot nothing with an African ass (you get the picture) it can sometimes be difficult to find clothes that fit me. When I sew my own clothes, they not only fit they way I want them to but I get to dictate my fashion sense not someone else.
  5. It helps me learn new skills, not just sewing but also learning to be being patient and not rush through things unneccessarily. Rushing through things can result in a lot of unpicking because I’ve done something wrong, I hate unpicking.
  6. It helps me learn to love my imperfections. Sewing is meant to be a creative process and as such learning to love my imperfections not just with my body but also on the things I make. There are no mistakesin sewing, just design choices.

And when all those pieces come together to reveal the final ensemble, the feeling is truly a great sense of accomplishment. I made that, yes indeed I did!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have a hobby that you find therapeutic.

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