12 Days of Blogmas 2021, Day 12 – Recap: Lessons Learnt

To recap, in late November, I decided that I was going to get involved in Blogmas. I knew that there was no way I’d be able to commit to the 24 or 31 days so I went for the 12 days of Blogmas. So here are some of the lessons I have learnt along the way.

What have I learnt whilst doing this?

Be flexible!

I started off with a list of topics that I wanted to highlight over the course of Blogmas but I had to change them. I didn’t account for giving you a recap of the State of Word, it seems so obvious now but it wasn’t something that crossed my mind at the time.

There were topics on the original list that I was no longer interested in writing about, which meant I had to find a new topic. What would have been useful is having a range of topics to hand that I could easily substitute.

I spent a lot of time writing the content on the day. Writing every day for 12 days alongside everything else one has to do is a lot, can you imagine if I’d decided to go for the 24 or 31 days? I’d definitely miss a few days.

What I will do differently

I made the decision to start Blogmas in December. What I should have done was start this process earlier, this would have given me more time to research different topics and give you better content.

Draft an outline of the posts in advance as it would mean less time spent on writing the content so close to the deadline.


Plan better and early on.

I did enjoy the writing process and I will do this again but the planning will start in October.

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