My WordPress U T-shirt Journey

As a member of the WordPress Training team and one of its Team reps, I wanted a WordPress U t-shirt but those shipping costs were just too high.

Getting that WordPress t-shirt

Phone a family member or friend! In this case, a family member living in a country where shipping to them is less than you. This only works out if they were already travelling anyway. That beloved family member is willing to go above and beyond to carry the items for you. Yes, they are beloved and not just because they agreed to do this for you 😜.

The journey: US to Canada to Germany to Nigeria and the UK

So I placed an order and had it shipped to Canada where it sat for about 3 weeks before it hopped on a plane to get to me. It spent a couple of hours in Germany waiting for the next leg of its flight, Nigeria. Once it arrived in Nigeria, we agreed to wait until we got back to the UK before we got to know each other better. After spending about 2 weeks in Nigeria hiding from everyone, it finally took the trip to the UK where we lived happily ever after.

The end. πŸ˜‚

Before anyone asks me why I am travelling, it’s none of your damn business!



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