My HeroPress Essay: Finding my Global Family

In May 2021, I got a DM from Topher DeRosia, the curator of the HeroPress

Hello there! Could I convince you to do a HeroPress essay?

Topher DeRosia, HeroPress

I met Topher through his wife Cate. Cate and I volunteer with Big Orange Heart. She is the expansion lead for the HeroPress Network, cohost of Hallway Chats, Marketing Lead for Big Orange Heart’s WordFest Live, and an amazing person.

What is HeroPress?

HeroPress tells the stories of people who have leveraged WordPress and its community to change their lives and achieve their goals. Through these stories, global connections are made and conversations had that build a stronger community, more employment and educational opportunities, and easier access to resources.


My WordPress story

At the time I had received Topher’s DM, I was in no shape to be writing anything legible. I said yes though and as time went on, I just couldn’t think of what to write about.

Thank God for Topher’s patience! He gave me a topic to focus on and I was able to write the essay, 5 months after the initial request (sorry).

Finding my global family (samun iyali na duniya) is now available on the HeroPress website in both English and Hausa. I am from Kaduna, Nigeria and when I saw the essays on HeroPress had been translated into different languages, I just had to make sure I represented my people.

I hope you enjoy my story about how I got into WordPress, the life it gives me and why I stay.



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